Panic Attacks: " I feel as though I have found a miracle cure."

"After being made to feel as though I had a psychological problem by my doctor - I feel as though I have found a miracle cure. Less stress, more in control, overcoming all attacks, sleeping better, greatly improved." Sarah C. Sandhurst


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History of Buteyko


Buteyko is a technique, based on well established physiological principles. It was developed by Konstantin Butyeko, a Russian doctor about 50 years ago. It was used in Russia for some time despite orthodox medical resistance, until recent years when it became a part of the national medical system. An Australian businessman visiting Russia recognised the enormous health benefits of the method and invited two Buteyko teachers to”export” the system to Australia. Sasha Stalmatsky began to pioneer the Buteyko work in Australia. It took four years before it became accepted and recognised in Australia. New Zealand followed soon after Russell Stark and his wife Jennifer began to teach the Buteyko Method there. Some two years later Great Britain was introduced to the Buteyko Method by Christopher Drake and Sasha Stalmatsky. It has been taught in the USA since 1998 but has yet to gain the widespread recognition it enjoys in Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Britain.



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